Jennette mccurdy relationship. Look, we don’t desire to be here today. It is fun that is n’t me personally.

Jennette mccurdy relationship. Look, we don’t desire to be here today. It is fun that is n’t me personally.

You realize those times whenever you want to stay just during intercourse? Whenever fat of this globe seems fat and you simply would you like to stay underneath the covers forever?

Certain, we could understand this week’s news and attempt to keep in mind better times with Andre Drummond and Jennette McCurdy.

However the fantasy is dead.

There’s no method to sugarcoat this.

Drummy the bear is facedown in a gutter someplace.

We knew they weren’t dating any longer, but at the very least it simply happened. We could all simply take solace comprehending that an NBA player used girl Crush Wednesdays on Instagram to make an impression on their Nickelodeon that is favorite actress provide us with all a tad bit more hope these days. Then Jennette McCurdy continued a comedian’s podcast recently and she had been inquired about the connection.

You can easily tune in to it over here. Quotes include:

  • “I currently knew, this really isn’t real chemistry.”
  • “I don’t understand why I happened to be up with this, i believe all my buddies had been simply laughing about this.”
  • “[ The kiss that is first just didn’t go great … no sparks. The mouths … the shapes weren’t appropriate.”
  • And from TMZ: “They proceeded to hold away, McCurdy states … and he had been therefore into her, he purchased her a necklace and got straight down on their knees throughout a supper date and asked her become his GF.”

They split up a week later on. Because Jennette is heartless? Who are able to state without a doubt? For ever getting involved in this if you listen to the podcast, McCurdy spends most of the time making fun of herself. Meanwhile, Drummond told TMZ, “I discovered comments that are[Jennette’s funny. There’s a lot of false information inside, but I’ll end up being the mature individual about the problem and allow it perish out.”

It’s all terrible. It is like Jennette’s Wall Street Journal op-ed about online relationship never ever also took place. Yesterday, Drummond posted a somber Vine confessional: “Sometimes you gotta live and learn because of the mistakes you create. It is like this sometimes. You gotta move on and keep pressing.”

Nonetheless it gets a whole lot worse. Some body leaked NSFW-ish pictures of McCurdy this week. Coincidence? Andre Drummond says yes, definitely, that is all a weird coincidence.

For the speculations about dripping such a thing, i’ve nothing in connection with it. I am centered on baseball. Many thanks

Jennette McCurdy states otherwise:

To anyone disappointed: we delivered those pictures to 1 individual. You can easily link the dots. Surprised some body would stoop therefore low. I just speak w/ candor.

Whom also knows? Perhaps Drummond leaked the pictures as revenge — check this site out an emotional move that would additionally be poor as hell.

Or even McCurdy leaked them in order to frame Drummond to get a tad bit more publicity away from all of this while everyone that is also reminding she’s not only a Nickelodeon actress. Maybe she’s been manipulating this from the beginning, and having fun with young Andre’s heart like a number of the free pizza dough they give out to children at Bertucci’s. As of this true point, I’ll put nothing past anybody.

All i am aware for several is the fact that there was clearly a right time as soon as we could all turn to Jennette and Dre given that beacon in the coast. The leading light as we all navigate through the stormy waters of life and love.

The period has passed away.

The planet is full and cold of disappointment, children. That’s exactly what we discovered this week. That’s what I’m right right here to inform you. There’s absolutely no Santa Claus, the economy’s failing, and all you were thought by you knew happens to be a lie all along. For this reason we view activities, since the real life is too heartbreaking to contemplate.

Forget all of the drama in this world, concentrate on the dunks.

(talking about which … did the thing is Drummond yesterday evening? Seventeen points and 26 rebounds in a victory within the Knicks. Bad kisser or perhaps not, this dude is just a monster.)

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